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Discover Your New Favourite Luxury Resortwear

Welcome To The World Of BRAND. Bespoke Fashion Loungewear. 

If you're looking for your new favourite lounge or resort wear, you're in the right place.

Born from a passion for empowering women to live their best, most fashionable lives, and feel like the queens they are, BRAND. The Label offers sustainable fashion and effortless style.

Our collections are backed by over 15 years experience in the fashion industry - so we know a thing or two about crafting luxurious and stunning pieces - and with each purchase supporting this wonderful planet we live on, your new loungewear favourites are 100% guilt free.

About Pages are great for giving a brief overview of a label, but because they need to be short and snappy, a lot of the love and care that goes into creating clothing often gets skipped over. That's why today we're expanding on what moves us here at BRAND. and we'd love to take you on this exciting new journey with us to share how it translates into your new favourite outfit.

Our inspiration is always drawn from travels and leisure days - times we slow down and enjoy life. Whether it’s on holiday, a Sunday afternoon, or after work picnics and memorable times with our loved ones. And this is exactly what our pieces are designed for.

Each piece in our collection is crafted to ensure you're feeling both stylish and comfortable while enjoying these happy, relaxed moments and every stitch that goes into your BRAND. piece is a labour of love:


Our Slow Fashion Approach:

At the heart of everything we do here at BRAND. is a slow fashion philosophy. We pride ourselves on crafting casual and luxurious pieces that you'll be able to enjoy wearing for a good time and a long time.


Creating Timeless Favourites

Timeless classics earn their title by offering high quality designs that are suitable for any occasion. Creating these pieces requires a high level of respect for fashion icons who have left their print on the industry, as well as a distaste for the damage that fast fashion can do.


Here at BRAND. we have spent over a decade and a half working with the most beautiful brands across the world and are quite disheartened by the growth of fast fashion.


Nature and animals are close to our hearts and we live by protecting them in our everyday lives, while always doing this in style - that's why our pieces are crafted from long lasting, sustainable materials in patterns and prints that are designed to stand up to both time and trends.

Versatile Pieces To Suit Any Occasion

A key feature of our slow fashion pieces is their ability to be worn in many situations and tailored to suit any occasion.


Our Lux Sarongs, for example, can be worn as a Sarong, dress, skirt and more making them a highly versatile piece.


Our range of colours and patterns, ranging from Champagne and Noir through to more vibrant options such as our Tropical and Coral Reef prints further increase the versatility of our collection allowing you to wear your favourite BRAND. pieces from sunrise, to sunset, no matter what you've got going on throughout the day.

Made To Be Worn And Loved For A Long Time

Because each BRAND. piece is lovingly handcrafted right here in Melbourne, Australia, you can be sure that there's care and quality in every stitch. This provides detailed craftsmanship and creates pieces that will last for years to come.


Making Luxury Loungewear Sustainable:

Here at BRAND. we're big on sustainable manufacturing methods that leave a lighter footprint on our planet. Our three main sustainability pillars include the exclusive use of natural materials, a handmade approach to garment creation and giving back to organisations who can make a difference.


Using Only Natural And Organic Materials

We dislike synthetics in general due to their environmental impact, but they're also particularly undesirable in clothing, as they don't allow the skin to breathe. At BRAND. we're proud to be able to say that all of our lounge and resort wear pieces are crafted from only the finest natural materials.

Lovingly Handcrafted Just For You

Crafting our loungewear by hand provides a unique, high quality finish while also reducing material wastage.


Each BRAND. piece is lovingly handcrafted right here in Melbourne which further reduces our carbon footprint thanks to local manufacturing and all off-cuts which cannot be turned into their own stunning pieces (like our Lux Scrunchie Sets) are up-cycled or recycled responsibly.

Resort Wear That Supports The Planet

In addition to working to make our manufacturing processes as sustainable as possible, we also work to give back in other ways.


For example, we proudly support charities that help contribute to a better, healthier planet. In 2022, we are pleased to be able to support the Reef Restoration Foundation by donating 5% of our profits.


To find out more about our sustainable commitments, click here.


Empowering Women Worldwide:

As an independent label, our mission is simple:


To create pieces that inspire confidence, comfort and chic in women, no matter where their love of life and wanderlust takes them.


That's why we craft all of our pieces with statement prints, natural fibres and detailed craftsmanship to help you express your free-spirited femme in a comfortable and luxurious style.


Effortlessly Stylish Designs For That "I Woke Up Like This" Look

Each BRAND. piece uses natural materials that look stunning in their own right and compliment your figure. Our classic garments offer sophistication and style coupled with statement prints and luxurious designs to help ensure you always look your best.

Designed With Comfort In Mind

Because we avoid synthetic materials, all designs within our collection offer soft, breathable comfort. This allows you to enjoy your BRAND. pieces no matter what the day has in store for you and protects your largest organ (your skin) from the irritation and discomfort that often come from wearing synthetic based fast fashion.

Bespoke Fashionable Pieces That Are Uniquely Yours

All BRAND. prints are designed specifically for our collection so each design is exclusive. When this is coupled with the fact that all of our garments are handmade, you've got the perfect collection of bespoke pieces where each one is entirely unique.


This means that no one else will ever have an item identical to yours so your outfit is sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Showcase Your Personal Style And Wear Your BRAND. Your Way

Something that is very important to many is the ability to showcase their unique style. In fact, most of us build our wardrobes around this desire, whether we realise it or not.


Each BRAND. piece is specially designed to help facilitate this with our Lux Sarongs able to be worn in a whole collection of ways depending on your preference and our String Tie Intimates Sets offering reversible designs to suit your mood.


When you add in the various ways that our Frame Chains and Scrunchies can be worn, the possibilities are endless and you're sure to be able to create a look that showcases your personality.




Now that you know us a bit better, we hope you can see the love and care that goes into each and every BRAND. piece. So, there's really only one thing left to say:


Welcome to our world… from sunrise to sunset. 




The BRAND. Team 


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