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CASUAL LUXURY; Your perfect Beach Wear

The beach holidays season is around the corner and you might be thinking of hitting the beach. Take your time to considered what you are going to be wearing. As a strong confident woman, there are a lot of options for you out there. Going with the smart casual outfit is one of those styles that allow you truly express yourself. While it does need a certain degree of sophistication to pull off, smart casual beachwear is very liberating. 

You want to make sure that your clothes are stylish and comfortable. The last thing you want is be a fish out of water. Consider BRAND. The Label sarongs in beautiful luxury natural fabrics to inspire your beachwear wardrobe.



Since we are expecting hotter temperatures, it will be wise to choose natural fabrics. As we discussed in our earlier blog, natural fabrics are great at regulating thermal heat. Your outfit should leave you feeling cool when you are out and about. Wear clothes that let your body acclimatise to the rising temperatures. Remember your body needs to breathe when you are out there. In this case, there’s nothing better than natural fabrics. This doesn’t mean you do not have to be stylish at the same time. You can find some amazing pieces that encapsulate casual luxury at BRAND The Label.



You should be creative when coming up with the perfect beach look. Bikinis and rompers aren't the only types of beachwear available. While we understand that it all depends on what you are doing at the beach, do not be a cliché. Dare to be different. You will need a swimsuit if you are tanning and swimming. If you're traveling and touring, you can wear a dress, skirt, or other lovely beachwear.


Go for the trendy beach clothes that will look great both on and off the beach when packing for a beach vacation. Yes, an triangle bikini is also a cute option. There will be days when you are touring a beach town and will not be spending all your time on the sand. Your beach attire can be stylish, comfy, and versatile enough to wear in town.



These beach fashion tips can help you elevate your beach look:

Footwear is a must-have. When visiting a seaside town, comfort is vital, so avoid wearing uncomfortable sandals. There might be a temptation to pair your footwear with your outfit. For instance with cute-looking wedges, but it’s not practical.


Natural jewellery is a better option to stacks of statement jewellery with a plethora of diamonds. It’s critical to have a decent pair of sunglasses! You can use them to mask tired eyes also to cover your eyes from the glare of the sun. Traveling may be taxing on the body and sleep habits. If you are not getting enough sleep due to jet lag or partying all night, a large pair of dark sunglasses are a must!


More power to you if you're all about the luxurious cotton silk Intimates to replace your bikini. Pack a Sarong, cover-up, or a bright printed dress if you want to be a little more reserved on the beach. When packing, seek items that you can wear over a swimsuit and are comfortable enough to wear all day if necessary.


Dresses and sarongs are usually a good choice for the beach. If you want to keep it simple, comfortable and fabulous, opt for a silk cotton intimate that you can wear for the day and to the beach, like the limited-edition option from BRAND The Label. Ralph Laurent cotton dresses are also a good choice. Wear a sunhat to shield yourself from the sun while also looking trendy.



BRAND The Label Resort Wear offers both exclusivity, as well as an effortless and elegant sense of style.

You can wear your Lux Organic Cotton Sarong  and Lux Cotton and Silk Intimates in versatile styling options from the moment you wake up, right through to unwinding for bed.