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BRAND'S favourite Australian beaches


Australia has more beaches than any other nation on this planet, with over 10,000. The majority of Australians live along the country's coastline. A beach is hardly far away. Australia has thousands of beautiful beaches to visit from coast to coast. The nicest part about visiting Australia's most beautiful beaches is that many of them are easily accessible from big cities. In fact, some major cities have magnificent beaches of their own! Yes, we are a nation of beach snobs with no cure. As you plan to visit all these amazing beaches, think of what to pack. Visit BRAND The Label for some inspiring natural fabric clothing for best comfort and style.   



Bright white sand, glistening turquoise sea, and no sign of development? You have Australia's most gorgeous beach. Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays is one of the cleanest and brightest beaches in the world. It has glistening white silica sand that stays dazzling white in the sun but never burns. Whitehaven is the crown gem of the Whitsundays archipelago's 74 islands. It is widely recognized as Australia's best beach. You can reach Whitehaven Beach on a cruise with Cruise Whitsundays. You can take the cruise from any of the neighbouring Whitsunday islands, or from the mainland's Airlie Beach.



Cottesloe Beach is the most beautiful metropolitan beach in Australia. It’s one of Perth's most outstanding natural assets. It's hard to think that this beautiful beach is only a 15-minute rail trip from Perth's downtown district. 

Perth is the world's most remote capital city. If you can spare the time to travel across the nation there will be no disappointment. The reward is one of the world's most beautiful major cities and an unforgettable beach.



Wilsons Promontory National Park, in southeast Victoria, is home to Squeaky Beach. Because of it’s distant location, even during peak season with campers, it’s rarely congested. It’s one of Australia's most stunning beaches. It has the stark contrast between the white sand, bright blue ocean, lush vegetation, and red stones that surround the shore.

Wilsons Promontory is a popular weekend getaway from Melbourne. It’s one of Victoria's most adored regions. You'll need at least three days to see everything!



The busy beachfront is one of the key draw-cards in Melbourne's most famous neighbourhood, St Kilda. It's only a few minutes from the city centre, but it has a carnival-like, beachy vibe. St Kilda Beach is one of Australia's most popular beaches. It’s a wonderful place to have a seaside picnic while watching the sunset over the water.



Surfers Paradise is the Gold Coast's most well-known beach and tourist destination. It’s undeniably a fantastic stretch of sand. The lovely beach in Surfers Paradise is a terrific place to start or end the day if you're willing to put up with the crowds.



In the fashionable Sydney district of Bondi, is the poster child for the idyllic Australian beach lifestyle. Here you can experience a completely different side of the city. You can see why people want to live in Sydney.

Bondi is often crowded, yet that adds to its allure. They converted a tall brick wall into an open-air art gallery along the beach. The waterfront has healthy cafés and vibrant bars, making it easy to transition from beach to brunch. The famed Icebergs swimming pool and restaurant, which is an iconic Sydney attraction. It is along one edge of the shore.



Noosa's Main Beach, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, is by Noosa National Park. It is one of Australia's most popular beaches. It is always crowded, but you can expect that because it’s in such a charming setting!



Dendy Beach, located in the upscale Brighton bayside neighbourhood. It’s one of Melbourne's most famous beaches. It has vividly colored Brighton Bathing Boxes. The boxes line the beach and draw thousands of tourists all year, it’s the most recognized feature. Summer is a terrific time to observe the huts in action. The lucky few who own one of these multi-million dollar beach shacks use them all summer. You can't get inside because it's private property, but you can look in from the shore.



Shelly Beach at Manly. It’s a beautiful ferry journey from Sydney Harbour. It resembles the stony, pebbly beaches of the Italian Riviera. It’s a small beach, but the water is very clean, and the picturesque backdrop makes it unforgettable. Better yet, once you have had your fill of the beach, head to Manly Wine, a Sydney classic with water views.



The Rip Curl Pro, one of the most well-known surfing competitions in the world. They hold it at Bells Beach. The optimal conditions for surfing massive waves may exist. The cool Victorian climate along Australia's southeast coast necessitates the use of wetsuits. If you are traveling to the Fantastic Ocean Road from Melbourne, this is still a great area to stop and take in the scenery.



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BRAND. covers all aspects of your next vacation. From poolside weekends and afternoon beach walks to evening cocktails at the bar.


BRAND The Label covers all aspects of your next vacation.  From poolside weekends and afternoon beach walks